Experience mobility in a new way!

MAHLE has developed a highly efficient 48-volt vehicle concept for urban mobility, which can be transferred to a wide range of platforms owing to its modular approach.

In the urban application area, the technical focus of MEET is on maximum energy efficiency. The meshing of different energy-saving technologies in the areas of the powertrain and thermal management increases efficiency and significantly enhances the cruising range of the vehicle—even and especially at low external temperatures.

MEET Highlights:

  • Highly efficient 48-volt twin-power drive unit
  • Application-specific speed range
  • Balancing heat and cold
  • 167 km cruising range in actual operation
  • Personal comfort zones
  • Surface heating
  • 100% natural refrigerant
  • MoodConnect
  • High degree of agility
  • Connectivity
  • Urban mobility designed beyond the vehicle
  • Platform concept