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MAHLE has developed a highly efficient 48-volt vehicle concept for urban mobility, which can be transferred to a wide range of platforms owing to its modular approach.

In the urban application area, the technical focus of MEET is on maximum energy efficiency. The meshing of different energy-saving technologies in the areas of the powertrain and thermal management increases efficiency and significantly enhances the cruising range of the vehicle—even and especially at low external temperatures.

MEET Highlights:

  • Highly efficient 48-volt twin-power drive unit
  • Application-specific speed range
  • Balancing heat and cold
  • 167 km cruising range in actual operation
  • Personal comfort zones
  • Surface heating
  • 100% natural refrigerant
  • MoodConnect
  • High degree of agility
  • Connectivity
  • Urban mobility designed beyond the vehicle
  • Platform concept

Joined-Up thinking - Go with the flow

MAHLE Efficient Electric Transport (MEET for short) is the vehicle concept for tomorrow’s urban mobility. This is how we are actively addressing the current challenges of the automotive industry. Because the requirements and opportunities in this sector are just as diverse as we are—an automotive supplier with a broad profile.

Why focus on the city car? According to current studies, 70 percent of the world’s total population will live in cities and surrounding areas by 2050. This increase is already noticeable today, with local driving restrictions, ever fewer parking spaces, and stricter emission standards. In Scandinavia, talks about a ban on combustion engines by 2025 are in progress. In a nutshell, the topics of environmental awareness and sustainability were recognized by the population a long time ago and play a key role in consumption and lifestyle choices.

Based on these requirements, we have developed a vehicle concept that was designed for ultrahigh energy efficiency in every sense.

The comprehensive expertise, many years of experience, and in-depth technical opportunities offered by our areas of competence, were a decisive advantage in this process and enabled a holistic approach from the very outset—from the powertrain to thermal management to the operating concept.

The meshing of different energy-saving technologies leads to greatly improved efficiency, thereby increasing one of the most important factors—the cruising range of the vehicle.

Another key element for any electric vehicle is its cost. The vehicle needs to be compact and agile, intuitive, networked, and highly efficient—but still economically viable. This can also be achieved with MEET, by means of, among other things, a 48-volt traction system and the systematic utilization of the available sources of energy and heat in the form of refined thermal management.

  • In 2050, 70 % of people will live in cities
  • Focus on urban mobility
  • Highest energy efficiency with MAHLE technologies

Pure driving pleasure is now measured in ampere

What level of performance does a city car need? Extensive test drives undertaken on a typical city route determined the maximum requirement to be around 20 kW. Together with a top speed of 100 km/h, this led to the initial optimization of the powertrain.

Together with the powertrain, MEET offers four significant advantages for future drivers and passengers:

  • 48-volt twin power traction system with two drive motors for more driving pleasure
  • Comfort functions that are 100 % individually adjustable as well as environmentally friendly
  • Efficient technology for up to 7 days of driving performance in day-to-day city traffic with just one charge
  • Compact cost structure

On the following pages, we set out the technical solutions and innovations in each of these four areas. And although they all include their own optimizations, it is only through their interplay that they achieve their full potential. For example, the heat pump benefits indirectly from the battery charging process. Through waste heat, thermal energy is stored within the battery. During driving operation, this energy is used by the heat pump for heating. This saves energy and pays off with a higher cruising range. An all-round success.

Comfort also plays a major role in all of the technology. With a newly developed, intuitive operating concept and an innovative solution for the “extra mile” from the parking lot to the destination.

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