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MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to theautomotive industry. One of the top 25 automotive suppliers worldwide, the Group is the fourth largest company in this area in the German domestic market.

Founded in 1920, the technology group is a pioneer and technology driverfor tomorrow’s mobility with a focus on the strategic fields of electromobility and thermal management as well as other technologies designed to reduce carbon emissions, including fuel cells or highly efficient, clean combustion engines that can be powered by e-fuels or hydrogen. Based on extensive systems expertise, the product portfolio covers all major aspects of powertrain and air conditioning for all drive types.

Components and systems from MAHLE have also been used on the world’s racetracks and beyond the roads for decades – whether in stationary, mobile machine, marine or railway applications. Today, every second vehicle in the world comes equipped with MAHLE components.

MAHLE is a global player with 152 production sites in 30 countries and a particularly strong presence in the major automotive hubs. This is where our 12 research and development centers are located around the globe, and where new innovations are forged and products developed that we supply to all car and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to our global production network, we achieve unprecedented flexibility and economies of scale.

A firm focus on the future: strategy MAHLE 2030+

MAHLE Strategy 2030+
MAHLE Strategy 2030+

Our new strategy focuses on three strategy fields: Electrification, Thermal Management, and ICE, i.e., components for efficient and clean internal combustion engines.

This approach means we will concentrate on those products where we already have a leading market position or can secure one tomorrow.

  • In electrification, we are focusing on electric drives and intelligent charging to help e-mobility become affordable, simple, and reliable.
  • Thermal management is fundamental to electrification and a key MAHLE competence. In this area we will continue to expand our position as the largest supplier of modular and highly efficient thermal management systems for batteries, efficient drives, and first-class cabin comfort.
  • For internal combustion engines we will remain a reliable partner to our customers around the world as long as demand exists. Because electrification will not be the only solution for an emission-free society. MAHLE will drive efficiency progress in this segment with cutting-edge products and optimize its cost structures.

All MAHLE activities have one thing in mind – to maximize the output while minimizing emissions. Efficiency for everything that moves. That’s why we call our mission “Efficiency in Motion”.

In a nutshell: MAHLE 2030+

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"MAHLE - We Shape Future Mobility" - our vision is our compass

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