Electric components account for a growing range of tasks in modern drivetrains.

Development of electrically driven auxiliaries in the automotive industry calls for increasing reliability, comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and ecology.

The first step in electrification of conventional drive trains is to replace hydraulic and pneumatic subsystems with electric actuators. Because they allow faster, more precise control, electric actuators improve combustion, for example, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

In a second step, MAHLE makes the engine accessories “intelligent”: Equipped with an electric motor, engine accessories can run independently of the engine speed and pressure. They can therefore be designed purely based on specific requirements and with extreme precision. They also support stop-start functions in the combustion engine and can be powered by the energy recuperated during braking phases.

High technological expertise and competitive products characterize MAHLE as a global player and development supplier of electric motors for the most demanding segments of the automotive industry. MAHLE is continuously improving its mechatronic systems design by implementing new technologies and marketing new materials and components.

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