Martin Weidlich

Member of the Management Board

Martin Weidlich
Martin Weidlich was born in Cologne/Germany in 1971.
2001 Graduation from RFH University of Applied Science Cologne as an industrial engineer (Dipl.-Ing. FH) following completion of his studies in production technologies/technical business administration
2001—2013 Getrag Magna Powertrain (formerly Getrag), where his roles included:
  • Senior Manager PowerShift Operations, Getrag Ford Transmissions
  • Managing Director Getrag Precision Gear, Charleston, South Carolina/USA as well as Director and Chairman of Getrag High-Tech Gears Private Limited in India
  • From 2010, Vice President Research & Development and Director Core Engineering, Getrag Corporate Group
2014—2019 Benteler Automobiltechnik
  • Executive Vice President—Strategic Project
  • Executive Vice President North America and President of BENTELER Automotive Corporation
  • From 2018, Executive Vice President Western Europe
Since January 1, 2020 Member of the MAHLE Management Board