Electric heaters and sensors

Electrical heaters for fuel systems

These individually adapted heaters are used for cold starts and operation at low ambient temperatures. They are characterized by a low pressure loss during high heat transfer into the medium, a robust design, low energy consumption and high performance up to 600 watts, controllable via integrated electronics or engine management. The PTC heating element with integrated overheating protection offers maximum safety.

Electrical heaters for blow-by systems

Electric blow-by heaters are used between the air intake module and the cylinder head cover to prevent icing. They work with PTC technology and are available in modular versions within a power range of 200 to 600 watts. The optimized heating function and the possible high level of integration into the motor periphery are advantages of the MAHLE heaters.

Water level sensors

Water level sensors for fuel filter modules determine whether too much liquid are collected in the assembly during operation. With our new technology, the sensor elements are no longer made of metal but of conductive plastic, thereby preventing electrolysis problems. With operating voltages from 9 to 36 volts, the sensors are suitable for a broad range of applications.