Quality management at MAHLE

Going beyond standards—quality made by MAHLE

“优良的产品质量至关重要, 质量至上:改进无止境!"


对我们的客户而言,质量意味着零故障、满足终端客户的需求、无产品召回,并最终打造出具有强大竞争力的品牌。 对马勒而言,质量是我们在全球获得成功的一项重要因素。 质量管理与所有的业务流程息息相关。 我们已经制定出一套质量规划和控制的集团内部标准。

The MAHLE Quality Improvement Program

Our aim is to supply our customers with “best-in-class” quality. For this reason, we launched the group-wide MAHLE Quality Improvement Program during the year under review. The program aims to further improve the traceability of causes of defects and thereby increase the effectiveness of both specific solutions and quality assurance overall. This also includes supplier quality.

> 70quality awards from customers in 2017

Zero-defect principle

Potential defect sources are already eliminated during product development.